October 11, 2011

Words have power

Words are not just words.
They have moods, climates own.

When a word becomes lodged inside you, it brings a different mood to your mind, a different approach, a different view. Call the same thing and find a different name: something is immediately different.

There are words the feelings and words intellectuals. Leave more intellectual words, use more words of feelings. There are words and words religious policies. Leave the political words. There are words that immediately create conflict. The moment you say, there are discussions. So, never use a logical language and argumentative. Use the language of affection, love, love, to ensure that there is some discussion.

If you start to become aware of it, you'll notice a huge change coming. If you are a little leery in life, many misfortunes can be avoided. A single word uttered in unconsciousness can create a long chain of grief. A slight difference, only a very small face, and that creates change. You should be very careful and use words when absolutely necessary. Avoid polluted words. Use words airy, non-controversial, which are not arguments, but only expressions of his impressions.

If you can become an expert in words, his life will be totally different. If a word brings unhappiness, anger, conflict or discussion, let her go. What is the point of carrying it? Replace it with something better. The best is silence, then it is singing, poetry, love.
by Osho
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