September 08, 2011

Hero Malaysia?

PETALING JAYA: A year-old video, which resurfaced in the past 48 hours, has irked Netizens over its disturbing images of a man who slapped, punched and kicked two female student nurses.

The YouTube clip also showed the man, believed to be in his 20s, repeatedly intimidating his victims using vulgarities in Tamil at a public parking lot.

Ironically titled “Malaysian Heroes”, the video has also been circulated on Facebook.

The assault appeared to be primarily aimed at one of the women, but her friend also received several slaps as she shielded her from the man throughout the six-minute-long video.

The cause of the incident was not clearly understood.

At one point, the targeted girl offered an apology to the man. In a shivering voice, she indicated a regret over “(my) mistake”.

However, the bespectacled man demanded: “Fall to my feet and say you are sorry.”

Looking helpless, the girl fell into a squatting position before the man slapped and kicked her again.
In an earlier part of the video, the man had threatened to run over the women with his car.

A voice was heard faintly in the background, believed to be from a passer-by, urging the man to leave the women alone but the plea went unheeded.

The man was believed to be accompanied by at least two accomplices. One of them apparently recorded the encounter while the other person was captured on the video, teasing the woman by putting his face near her neck.

One of them was heard saying: “Get inside the car and I will check if she is a virgin.”

The video was posted under the username “youhavebeenhacked88”, who listed Malaysia as his country of origin. It did not have a history of posting other files on the video-sharing site.

As of last night, the YouTube clip recorded 42,546 viewings.

Officials from a nursing and health science college have identified the girls as its students.

“The college has lodged a police report on the incident and has advised the students to do the same, but they have indicated that it was a personal matter,” the official said.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia Youth member S. Nagentran said four of its members had also lodged a report at the Sungai Siput district police station upon viewing the video on Facebook last year.

“Since then, we have not heard any update about the case,” he said, adding that he believed the drama took place in Sabak Bernam.

Sungai Siput OCPD Supt Azman Salim and Sabak Bernam OCPD Mushar Mohamad Noor could not confirm the report at press time.

source: thestar

'Inikah dikatakan hero malaysia....merosakkan lagi akhlak budak2 remaja lagi adalah...yg si budak pompuan tu pun tak nak lapor cos dikatakan personal matter....mulanya sha tak tau pun pasal crita ni tetiba office mate pakat tgk video ni ramai2 kat youtube...pas tengok video ni & pas dengar beberapa dialog yang tak begitu jelas sha bleh conclude mayb budak pompuan ni ada katakan something bad about d guy & d guy apalagi terusla tunjukkan keheroisman dia kat bdk pompuanni...wallah...hero sejati adalah hero yg menjadi penyelamat wanita bukan menganiaya wanita walaupun wanita itu bersalah tapi sebagai hero dia patut berbincang secara aman bukannya mengasari wanita....ikut ajaran sapala ni...superman?batman?spiderman? tapi man-man tak penah plak sha nampak depa mengasari wanita dlm filem...hmm

well siapa yg patut disalahkan jika akhlak remaja begini?...remaja itu sendiri? family? filem? sekolah? kolej? teknologi masa kini? pikirla sendiri....'

'makin takut fikirkan zaman amzar remaja t...YA ALLAH kau lindungila & peliharala anak aku..aku berserah pada MU....jadikanla amzar anak yang baik, soleh & beriman serta taat pada ibu....'
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