July 27, 2011


I know I look grumpy, a little bird told me: Glum puppy dogs find unlikely playmates to cheer them up

By Daily  Mail  Reporter

When worry is etched on your face, friends can offer a different perspective - even if they can't quite stop you frowning.

These two glum-looking bulldog puppies found some unlikely playmates to entertain them at a studio in Surrey.

Angel Star got close to a chirpy feathered friend, while Prince George showed he was too gentle to let the fur fly with his companions.

Chirpy: Angel Star gets close to a feathered friend

Photographer Mark Taylor, 46, said: 'I had no idea that bulldogs were such good fun.

'I expected them to be rather sedate and ponderous.'
Mr Taylor has an animal assistant who positions the pets but whips them out of the way if any claws come out.

His work with the iconic breed has seen him contacted by major calendar companies in the United States.

He said: 'A calendar company in the USA was keen on me supplying images for their 'Bulldogs & Friends' calendar so I arranged for the pups to come back in three weeks time.  

'The dogs were absolute stars and they are extremely characterful and have such lovely natures.'
Paws for thought: Prince George touches base with a kitten
Glum-mates: Prince George (centre) settles down with some unlikely pals

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