February 22, 2012

Interfaith Dialogue " How do we define God"

Everyone is cordially invited to join in to have better understanding of each other's  faith "How do we define God".
Here are the details of the event:

WHAT      : Interfaith dialogue  "How do we define God"

WHEN      : 28/2/12 (Tuesday)

TIME        : 8.00 pm  -11.00 pm
WHERE   : SK4 (Near DKA & CIMB Bank)

WHO       : Speakers from Islam, Christianity, Buddhism & Hinduism

All are welcomed !!!

Do bring along your friends and family..

"Seek first to understand, then be understood"- Stephen Covey

2B-1, Jalan Bukit Kecil Satu,
11900 Sungai Nibong,
Pulau Pinang

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